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Meet Jessica, our Founder
Meet Jessica, our Founder
natural SKINCARE made with love
natural SKINCARE made with love

“I have created a holistic plant & mineral-based skincare line that encourages radiantly beautiful skin, while nurturing the spirit, and nourishing your entire being - supporting radical self-care through your ongoing cycle of wellness.”

Our Products

Plants and minerals direct from nature, in their purest forms provide abundant therapeutic and divinely decadent ingredients for our healing skincare products. We mindfully formulate and lovingly craft our balms, oils, and salts, and more from the highest quality natural, organic, and wild-harvested ingredients we can find. We infuse our workspace with Reiki, crystal energies, and sound healing - good vibes abound.

Angel Face Botanicals developed out of a deep connection to the Earth, true reverence for the unseen esoteric energies of the Universe, a belief that we are all connected, and the light-filled healing power of heart-centered love. 

Our products are cruelty free - we test on willing humans, never on animals.

Our Founder

Jessica Ress is a holistic wellness advocate, skincare formulator, crystal and plant intuitive, author, and eco-warrior. Her luxurious natural products incorporate energy healing, herbalism, and aromatherapy for beautiful skin and overall health in mind, body, and spirit.

Jessica's education is founded in fine art, with a BFA from San Francisco Art institute. After years of using unscented products due to chemical sensitivities resulting in chronic headaches and other health problems, she delved deeply into the study of essential oils and herbal wisdom, voraciously gathering knowledge. She began collaborating with the plants and natural minerals to create an interactive experiential art form with time-based results in the form of high vibrational, energetically charged skincare and wellness products.

"It’s infinitely rewarding to use botanicals as my palate - co-creating with the plants in a blissful state of mindfulness, healing, and gratitude."

Jessica’s interest in transformational energetic healing spans many art forms. She has studied with an array of master teachers in Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, and Reiki. She holds certifications in Aromatherapy, Reiki Levels I & II, Reiki Crystal Healing, and Primus Activation Healing Technique.

Jessica meditates daily, enjoys yoga, and practices sound healing with Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls in private sessions and sacred circles. Jessica has been featured in numerous national publications including Organic Spa Magazine, Mother Earth Living, and Readymade Magazine.

A Love Note To You

Welcome beautiful! We are so glad you are here. We are genuinely interested in the well-being of your mind, body, spirit, and this planet. Through years of extensive study, we have developed the perfect balance of natural, organic, and sustainable ingredients to feed your skin.

We are honored to be part of your daily self-care routine. We hope our products bring you moments of beauty and joy, as well as inspire radical self-care rituals that help you slow down, to deeply nourish all parts of your being, awaken sensory bliss, and bring lasting healing and wellness into your life. 

May your skin glow like the petals of a flower and smell as sweet...

Jessica of Spa Goddess' Signature
Jessica Ress
aka SpaGoddess
Founder of Angel Face Botanicals

Kind Words

"Hey SpaGoddess, Thank *you* !!! Your products have given me enviable skin! :~) I want to say thanks for creating great products." ~ Danielle

"I can't believe how great my skin looks after using these products. It looks even, radiant, and even more clear! Plus it smells great, it perks me up. This is such a good price for a natural product that works so well." ~ Hope

"When I started using this product, my husband asked me if I was wearing makeup, my skin looked so good!" ~ Michelle

"I love these organic products from SpaGoddess. They have a wonderful scent and texture - my skin looks and feels great. I've had many compliments on how youthful my skin looks! I have many of her products and love them all! Thank you SpaGoddess." ~ Clarissa

"I love this cleanser so much! I have a horrible blackhead problem on my cheeks and nose and after a few weeks of use I've seen a huge difference in my skin. While I still have a ways to go as far as ridding myself of these pesky blackheads completely I am confident with continued use, this cleanser will help me reach my goal of beautiful clear skin. It smells great, and feels wonderful- my skin is so smooth and soft after washing. I have tried everything (expensive and cheap) and nothing has showed results like this. I am no longer embarrassed when I have to run out of the house without makeup on- I feel confident about myself without it. I just bought this small bottle to keep separately in my shower :] Thank you Jessica for answering my questions, giving me some awesome tips, your super fast shipping, and the lovely samples." ~ Julia (Super Detox Cleanser)

"I'm in love with my skin again after discovering this serum! It soaks in beautifully leaving a radiance to your skin that no other serum or lotion ever has. This is all my 30ish skin needs for the summer months. Love this and never want to be without it!" ~ Sarah (Oil Free Lavender Serum)

"I received my Angel Face Botanicals products in the mail just a few days ago and I cannot believe the difference I’ve seen since I started using them. My skin is smooth and has a beautiful tone and texture and my acne is almost completely gone! Thank you so much for not only giving me the most beautiful skin I’ve had in months, but a self-confidence I rarely get to experience." ~ Laura

"Dear SpaGoddess, Thank you! As cliche as it may sound, I want to tell you that your products have changed my life. I’m a college student who likes having really nice skincare, so it can be quite frustrating trying to find the right product at a decent price. Your skincare line is not only affordable, but also soothing, nourishing, and all around just amazing." ~ Shelly

"I cannot tell you how much I love your products!! I have ridiculously sensitive skin and since I’ve switched to using your stuff, it is so much happier and calmer. Just wanted to let you know how very, very happy I am with everything I’ve ever received, and how grateful I am to have something in my skincare arsenal that *works*." ~ Maggie

"I just wanted to tell you that in a short time using your products the feel of my face has changed so much! It feels awesome and the little pre-menopause blemishes I’ve been getting blessed with are fading fast - yay!" ~ Stephanie

"WOW!! these products are like love for your skin. My skin has been glowing all since I started using them. Mum saw me using them & noticed the glow so she put some of the Illuminesce onto her skin & it picked her skin up straight away. This is really great stuff!! Thank you for the beautiful gift!" ~ Anna

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