How To Choose the Right Facial Serum For Your Skin Type July 12, 2018

How to Choose the Right Facial Serum For Your Skin Type 

What's the secret to your most healthy, glowing + radiant skin?


Facial serums offer a hydrating booster of potent vitamins + concentrated nutrients to specifically benefit your skin-type.

Because they deliver a mega-dose of targeted actives + nourishing botanicals in a lightweight, fast-absorbing elixir that penetrates more deeply than creams. Think of a facial serum as a multi-vitamin for your skin. 

Not sure which serum is right for your skin? Girl we got you! Keep scrolling for our guide below...


Does your skin yearn for a Deep Calm?

Calm Prickly Pear Face Oil

Calm, nourish + transform your irritated, inflamed skin with healing botanicals including Tamanu, Blue Tansy, Chia + Prickly Pear to gently soothe redness + address inflammation, promoting healthy skin. Balance, nurture + restore your dry + overexposed skin. Our Calm Prickly Pear Face Oil was created for sensitive skin prone to redness, overexposed skin, sunburned, wind-burned + acne prone skin.


Plump Prickly Pear Face Oil

Youthful Skin is Pleasantly Plump! Just think of a baby's smooth + chubby cheeks...

French Plum, Pomegranate, Red Raspberry + Carrot Seed plus an herbal infusion to address all signs of aging, this nutrient dense mega-moisturizing serum smooths fine lines + plumps wrinkles in dry, maturing + sun-damaged skin. Plump Prickly Pear Face Oil restores that vibrant, youthful radiance by supporting the cells with plant-based love to deeply repair free radical damage.


 Illuminesce Glow + Repair Serum

Get that Glow!

Aloe Vera + Rosewater soothe + hydrate while MSM + DMAE boost collagen production, smoothing fine lines + wrinkles, giving your skin that smooth porcelain finish. Potent Rooibos + Pomegranate antioxidants are anti-inflammatory + support advanced cellular renewal. Illuminesce Glow + Repair Serum absorbs with a weightless finish + layers flawlessly under oils, creams + makeup.


Oil-Free Clarifying Moisture Serum

Clarify + refresh

Aloe, Lavender Hydrosol + Hyaluronic Acid provide weightless hydration without clogging pores. Vitamin B3 stimulates collagen + promotes an even skin tone. Clarifying botanicals include Green Tea + Witch Hazel to reduce blemishes, shrink pore size, balance sebum production + boost cellular renewal. Oil-Free Clarifying Moisture Serum provides beneficial moisture + potent nutrients to balance oilier, acne prone skin types. It's cooling + soothing for Rosacea + excellent for providing a light moisture layer in summertime + in hot or humid climates.


Strawberry Rose Vitamin Boost Serum

Our cult classic Radiance Nectar that our founder formulated as a 40th birthday present to herself, so you know it's made with the best of the best organic oils in our lab...

This "Dry Oil" bend is rapidly absorbed + highly moisturizing, naturally infused with gamma tocopherol, alpha-linoleic + oleic fatty acids -- natural antioxidants that excel in scavenging free radicals. Plant-powered nectar from Strawberries, Rosehips, Frankincense + Roses is just simply lovely in scent, consistency + results. Use Strawberry Rose Vitamin Boost Serum daily for brighter + more radiant skin. 

Blemish Soother Acne Spot Treatment Serum

Banish Blemishes with our Blemish Soother Acne Spot Treatment.

16 potent botanical actives including Tamanu, Blue Chamomile + Lemon Myrtle counteract redness + inflammation, calm existing breakouts, help prevent new pimples from forming, speed wound healing + boost cellular renewal to minimize residual scaring. 

Lavender Love Gemstone Aromatherapy for Healing

Lavender Love - seriously, it's not just lavender...

It's a blend of over 20 lavender essential oils + extracts from all over the world, infused with reiki + amethyst crystals + love! And it's simply divine....

Lavender is a Universal Healer physically, emotionally + spiritually. Use this plant ally to nurture creativity, balance your chakras, induce peaceful sleep, aid in meditation, calm itchy bug bites, speed healing for minor cuts + scrapes, ease travel sickness, wear it as an symbol of love, balance hormonal mood swings + so much more...

Have you tried our Lavender Love Gemstone Aromatherapy for Healing?

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