The Sunday Bath

The Sunday Bath in all it's glory.....
The Sunday Bath - Angel Face Botanicals
Converted Barn? Oh yes!
A very long hot soak in this Rustic-Luxe-Modern tub is just perfectly, exactly what SpaGoddess needs right this very minute.....
Give me heaps of nutrient-rich Sea Goddess, my new favorite bath of nourishing blend of Seaweeds, replenishing Mineral Salts, and tonic Essential Oils for health and well-being
A warm relaxing bath is just what I need to replenish my cold and weary bones for the work week ahead. 
A long, languid bath will encourage detoxification. I plan to amplify the detox with a good scrub down at the end of the soak with Double Love Body Scrub - my all-time favorite body scrub. I will have the softest & most radiantly healthy skin after this most decadent hour.
Ah, a little me time. That is the whole point of the Sunday Bath. Yes, the nutrients of the Sea and a little Aromatherapy will make a soothing, replenishing tonic for my mind, body, and spirit.....If you need me, you know where I'll be, xoxo SpaGoddess


OMG – yes! Me too!!

Jessica October 16, 2015

I need this bath. Like now.

Allison October 16, 2015

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