The Ambrosia Tub July 18, 2010

 The Ambrosia Tub - Angel Face Botanicals
Inside, Outside. Rustic, Luxury. Sun, Fog.
Pure Relaxation Fabulous!
For this Sunday morning soak I will need copious amounts of luxurious milky petals & luxe lavender: Lovely. After I've settled into a matrix of milky, flowery bliss, I'd like a relaxing facial massage with Luscious Oil Cleanser, segueing into a steamy deep pore facial cleanse. As the soak progresses, a moisturizing hand treatment with softly floral Rose Garden Shea Butter furthers the relaxing & replenishing.
I will follow this decadent hour of heaven with an invigorating scrub down with Tonic Body Scrub For All That Ails. A quick rinse, and I've set the tone for a perfect Sunday. Finishing with a dab of Lavender Love behind the ears, on the décolleté, and the wrists....... Oooo, I smell good!
How does your Sunday Bath fantasy take shape?
Ambrosia bathtub by Pearl Baths

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