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Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review

Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review

Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review
Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review  Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review  Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review
Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review
Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review
Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review
Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review
Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review pdxmay09.200x.jpg
Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review Angelface Botanicals Organic Skin Care Review




About.com - Skin Care 2011 Readers Choice Awards

Angel Face Botanicals was Nominated by our loyal customers for Best Indie Skin Care Line!! "We will be honest with you, we would much rather shop indie than department store. It is just so much fun seeing what small brands are out there and what amazing products they are concocting......"

About.com - 11 Etsy Superstars : Handmade Soap

Angel Face Botanicals is a nature-inspired line of products which are made with lots of positive energy and love. When describing where inspiration hits, Jessica Ress, owner of Angel Face Botanicals says, "Nature provides an amazing world full of divinely decadent & infinitely effective ingredients with which to create exquisite spa products."



Fast Company : The Best of Artisan Cosmetics

All-natural, artisanally made cosmetics put to the test.

Angel Face Botanicals Organic Rose Crystal Toner, contains a magic elixir, extracted from rose-quartz gems, that aids moisture absorption and reduces wrinkles. Whether it was the quartz or pixie dust, my face felt refreshed -- and ready for makeup. by Stephanie Schomer Issue 150, November 2010, P. 106



Cosmopolitan :: beautyLOOT Shower Yourself Sexy
Aromatherapy Shower Steamers in Lavender Mist - Drop a fizzy [away] from the drain, then breathe in its de-stressing aroma. June 2010 issue, page 108!


Harpers Bazaar: Luxury Gifts For Women Who Have It All

The überchic fashion lover covets all things luxe; here are gifts she is sure to adore (and didnt even know she wanted).  Rock Star Detox was Slide 15 of 27 fun & fabulous 2009 holiday gift guide.

"Rock Star Detox Body Scrub :: Is your favorite party girl dying for a restorative night at home after hitting the holiday party circuit? Help her unwind in the tub and come away glowing — even in the face of a double-booked calendar."



Atlanta Journal Constitution

Style :: Eyecatchers by Sabine Morrow

"....After a hard night on the town, a little rejuvenation is often in order, and Rock Star Detox, by Angel Face Botanicals , treats you to a therapeutic bath that helps flush away toxins....makes you wish you could soak for hours." Sunday, November 8, 2009


ReadyMade :: HomeGrown Beauty

Interview by Lisa Jones, Photos by Doug Hoeschler, Styling by Kimberly Hoeschler, DIY Scrub Recipe by SpaGoddess

ReadyMade - So how’d you become the SpaGoddess?

Jessica Ress - ....I have a fine art degree [from San Francisco Art Institute] and creating and being creative is a huge part of who I am and how I grew up. I had studied herbs and herbal remedies when I was in my early twenties, and I had dabbled in product making....

ReadyMade - What’s the best part of your work?

Jessica Ress - I love creating new recipes. It all feels a little bit witchcrafty.... sometimes I’m stirring my brews of things and it feels a little medieval....




E The Environmental Magazine
 Lessons from Etsy: Tips For Taking Your Eco-Ideas Online by Jessica Knoblauch "....Consumers can be overwhelmed by the mountain of green products available.... Jessica Ress, owner of Angel Face Botanicals Aromatherapy Bath and Beauty, agrees. In starting my store, my goal was to create a sort of rolling ball of environmental goodness, an entity with momentum that made a progressively larger positive impact as it grew...."




Angel Face Botanicals is a fairly new shop that has received tons of attention lately. With features in Harper Bazaar, Divine Caroline, and many others, their botanical goodies are worthy of being lusted after. While they feature everything from bath products to aromatherapy goodies, one of my favorite items I came across was this Rock Star Detox.




EcoDiva: Weekend Etsy Find

The SpaGoddess Rocks! One of the coolest sets in the Angel Face Botanicals collection is the Spa Facial Kit. I was instantly impressed by the quality and beauty of the packaging as well as the overall quality of the work and thought that went into each item.



Divine Caroline :: Style Reviews

Angel Face Botanicals produces one of my favorite shower products, shower steamers, so I was not surprised that Jessica, the SpaGoddess at Angel Face Botanicals, has produced a winner with her Mint Tonic Body Scrub. Concocted from a luscious blend of peppermint and spearmint with a dash of eucalyptus and French lavender, the smell is invigorating and energizing without being overpowering. The mix of oils is just right too, not too oily or harsh....

Divine Caroline :: Flower Power Healing Bath

Mom doesnt just deserve flowers on Mothers Day. She doesnt just deserve flowers every day, she deserves to bathe in flowers for the rest of her days. This Flower Power Healing Bath from Angel Botanicals summons the healing powers of rose and chamomile to soothe moms rattled nerves, and the properties of lavender, red clover, calendula, Epsom salts, and essential oils to soothe her aching body.

Divine Caroline :: Scented Luxuries

If you're not a soaking fan, but still love bath products, you may share my current obsession: shower steamers. Pop one of these in the corner of your shower and in no time, you will have a cloud of fragrant steam enveloping you. I really like Angel Face Botanicals shower steamers, which come in peppermint, lavender (my favorite), eucalyptus, and citrus.... These easily last through two good showers and are beautifully packaged.



Splendicity Pretty By Nature

Today, I did a web search for “natural organic beauty” and I found this great Angel Face Botanicals Facial Kit from SpaGoddess for only $20. Try-it sizes of their spa-quality facial products including Facial Cleansing Grains, Herbs for Herbal Facial Steam, Rose Sandalwood Masque (wonderful fragrance combination), Lavender Oil-Free Hydrating Serum, Spritz Toner, and Exquisite Crème Facial Moisturizer. You can customize your kit with your personal choice of herbs for steaming, toner, and moisturizer. The kit has enough product to do two complete facials. It’s the perfect way to get an introduction to the product line.



New Beauty

....being beauty buffs, what we really love is Etsys wide range of bath, body and skincare products by independent formulators and sellers. Some of our favorites include... Angel Face Botanicals, username SpaGoddess, offering organic face formulas such as Ambrosia Cleansing Grains and Everlasting Under-Eye Serum...




Mambo Sprouts :: Travel Beautifully

Tips to keep skin glowing while on the go. Whether you are planning a trip around the world or a weekend getaway, you will want your best skin to shine through in all of your amazing vacation photos. Angel Face Botanicals Adzuki and Green Tea Cleansing Grains, these grains travel well and offer light exfoliation.



PDX Magazine - Gear Up. Get Out.

Our Hot Muscles! Sore Muscle & Joint Gel was featured in the Active gear product guide in the May 2009 print & online issues.
"If you are anything like us, you have been trying to work your way back into that summertime body. And if you spent the winter being as lazy as we were, chances are you have some aches and pains, too. Luckily, Hot Muscles! has our back....."



Venus Zine

Rock Star Detox Super-Detoxifying Body Scrub was featured in the Spring 2009 print issue in a spread called "Major Brand vs. Made By Hand - Night on the Town"



Glamwatch: 7 x7 San Francisco

...come holiday time: try the Rock Star Detox after a night of partying & you\'ll feel amazingly rejuvenated... by Nerissa Pacio



Holiday Gift Guide at Inhabitat.com

Angel Face Botanicals shower steamers and facial steamers use organic, naturally and ethically harvested herbs and oils. Throw a steamer in the shower or sink for a refreshing at-home spa treatment.




Ways to Relax and Warm Up After a Cold Winter Day

There is something really satisfying about warming up and unwinding... Peppermint shower steamers are seriously little balls of absolute heaven, especially when you don\'thave time to take a bath. You just place one on your shower floor just outside the stream of water and it slowly releases a relaxing minty aroma. Perfect for when you want some quick pampering or when you feel like you\'re getting sick. (They also come in lavender, citrus.... and eucalyptus scents!)



Minneapolis Picks

Since the onset of summer we\'ve been lounging lakeside from dawn to dusk, leaving our sun-kissed skin craving a little extra TLC. Enter Angel Face Botanicals.

This irresistible bath & beauty purveyor masterfully mixes up a variety of indulgent treats, from relaxing herbal washes to shower steamers. Our pick for pampering? The Rock Star Detox, an ultra-luxe detoxifying body scrub that gently exfoliates and draws out toxins and pollutants for wildly smooth skin that begs to be caressed.



Interview with Sarah Irani of EcoSalon.com:

Do you consider yourself more of an artist or a businesswoman?

Jessica Ress: Artist for sure. Without the artistry in what I do, I would simply not be happy. Art runs deep in my family and each of us brings unique botanical edge to our work. It is infinitely rewarding to use botanicals as my palate. I collaborate with the plants and natural materials to create an interactive experiential art form.

Read the interview at EcoSalon.com or the unedited version posted on the SpaGoddess Blog.



N.E.E.T. Magazine

The infamous Rock Star Detox line of Super Detoxifying Bath & Body products were seen in N.E.E.T. Magazine


N.E.E.T. Magazine

Flower Power Healing Bath was seen in N.E.E.T. picks Spring Selection


Chicago Picks

Generally speaking, we think too much of a good thing is a good thing... So to be completely engulfed by an ultra-moisturizing and beautiful-smelling body scrub? Double Love Scrub That's amazing. Plus, 10% of the Web proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research. So hop in the tub & submerge yourself in Shea Butter & Lavender enriched with Blueberry, Cranberry & Calendula. Dreamy!




Portland Picks

Getting ready for a date? Preparing for a cozy night on the sofa with TiVo & Dr. McDreamy? Treat yourself to an opulent bath either way. Angel Face Botanicals pampers you to the nth degree! We adore their products, especially the Rose Goddess Luxury Fizzing Bath, extravagantly scented with heart-warming Rose, evocatively spicy...





Seattle Picks

...a trail of rose petals leading to a scented bath on Valentine\'s Day... draw the bath... & slip into something decadent. And for that, we recommend Angel Face Botanicals. Pamper yourself in water scented with Blush Aphrodisiac Bath, exfoliate with Double Love Scrub & slather on Dreamy Vanilla Shea Butter for silky soft skin!