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  • Detox - Organic Soap with Juniper Berries by Angel Face Botanicals
  • Detox - Organic Soap with Juniper Berries by Angel Face Botanicals
  • Detox is the soap bar on the left.

Detox - Exfoliating Organic Soap with Juniper Berries


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Organic Exfoliating Soap with Juniper Berries

The exhilarating, grounding, woodsy scent of a Juniper Forest comes to life in this bar.

Juniper Berry is considered by aromatherapists to be a premier tonic, detoxifying essential oil assisting the body in eliminating all manner of over-toxic conditions: hangovers, cellulite, acne, congestion, exhaustion, nervous tension and moreĀ…

An essential oil blend of detoxifying Evergreens and ground Organic Juniper Berries provide a restorative and invigorating aromatic exfoliation.

The woodsy essential oils in this blend are considered spiritually purifying and protective and help to dispel negative energy. Visualize these energies of the forest guarding you from negativity and danger.

Pure, Organic goodness! SpaGoddess' moisturizing herbal soap contains pure Essential Oils and Organic Herbs to create complex, natural fragrances. Our truly superior Luxury Organic Soap Bars are specially formulated with moisturizing botanical oils to achieve a rich, sudsy lather. The high level of naturally retained glycerin leaves your skin clean and conditioned, supple and soft, never dried out.

A delightful everyday luxury wrapped in beautiful Indian artisan paper, this Organic Soap Bar makes a lovely treat for yourself and an excellent gift for someone special......

Cruelty Free
Sulphate Free
Nut Free
Naturally Colored
Naturally Scented
Scent Intensity: Strong Layered Foresty Scent

4-4.5 oz bar

Ingredients: Saponified oils of Organic Safflower* and/or Organic Sunflower*, Organic Palm*, and Organic Coconut*, Pure Essential Oils, Organic Juniper Berries, Rosemary oleoresin, Reiki Healing Energy & lots of love!! *Certified Organic Ingredients

Please note: Our palm oil is harvested from South America (not southeast Asia), and our supplier is a member of the Palm Sustainability Council.


There are 3 review(s) for Detox - Exfoliating Organic Soap with Juniper Berries

  • Invigorating and Lovely

    by Nathalie – 2nd Apr 2012

    Got this as a sample and it got me hooked, so I ordered a full bar along with other items :). Great quality. Leaves the skin incredibly soft without irritation. Invigorating smell, suits both men and women.

  • Leaves Me Feeling Happy and Clean

    by Jennifer – 2nd Mar 2012

    I love this soap! Gorgeous lather, light fragrance and leaves me feeling so clean and happy! I've already ordered more, and will be trying some of this shop's other products. Very pleasant experience. Thank you!

  • Best Soap!

    by Anna W. – 7th Nov 2011

    This soap is becoming my favourite!!